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Cool for Summer By L.M. Archer

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Review By Carly

When L.M. Archer reached out to allow us to read her book, we were firstly really excited and secondly seriously appreciative. Between me and Jade,I am probably the one who loves a good soppy romance and loves a story that melts you. When I read the blurb for this book I was instantly excited as I knew it would be right up my street.

This was Male Loves Male romance and truthfully was the first one I had read. Don't get me wrong I have read books with it happening but not one solely about it. Reading Xander and Gabriels Story was truly a beautiful journey.

Gabriel is a man who starts out down in life unsure of where he is heading and what life has in store but going to a party with his best friend Darien turns the world that he has known and not felt complete in and turns it completely on its axis. A glance across the room to the dance floor finds Gabriel staring Longingly and feeling completely enraptured with only he is a man. Gabriel is completely confused by his feelings and throughout the book, he is constantly battling with himself over whether his feelings are real or even right. He knows that he has a deep connection and love for Xander he just can't figure out whether its strong enough to change his whole look on life and what he has known.

Xander on the other hand appears to be a confident strong Gay man who isn't afraid of who he is and people knowing. He is the lead in a rock band and uses this to entice Gabriel to get to know him and ultimately give him a kick up the arse. The thing I loved most about Xander was his patience with Gabriel he saw his struggle and tried to help him at every point he literally melted me.

The ending of this story literally had me smiling from ear to ear if you are looking for Happily ever after this is a book to read. It really was a lovely read my only critique was the story probably could have been taken a little further as at times I felt it sort of just kept going at the same temperament or pace But that did not take from the beauty of this book. With some amazing and really hot sex scenes, I would certainly recommend giving it a read.

I cant not wait to read more books like this and also to read more from this author as it was a really lovely easy read.

I would rate this 3 1/2 💋💋💋😘

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